As a kid I was always very athletic and succeeded in many sports, the most noteworthy being Rugby League. I played centre or in the back row for my local team and Regional level teams during my teenage years. At age 24 I headed to the UK for a year playing with The Sheffield Eagles. Unfortunately a series of injuries to my right knee forced me to retire. It was devastating but not enough to keep me out of the gym! I started weight training and once I started to see progress in the gym, the results became addictive.

When the category of Men’s Physique was introduced to the bodybuilding industry it was game on. From my rugby days, I knew that I needed to research and try different training and nutritional approaches to see how my body would change, so I gathered as much knowledge as possible. I had a new passion fuelled by health and fitness. I wanted to push myself beyond my limits and encourage others to do the same.

My first competition was the 2013 IFBB Queensland State Championships. I had only been to one show prior so my preparation was lacking a little. However, I managed to start my prep at 5% body fat so I was nearly stage ready from the get go. It is impossible to explain the feelings you get stepping out onto that stage for the first time. With my family and friends screaming and a full on concert going on behind me, I was having the time of my life. I was lucky enough to earn top 3 in my category and after this experience, I was hooked.

After my first few competitions I wanted to improve on my physique. This led me to work with Neil Hills, a coach from Wales. This was a turning point for me, as I had an accelerated learning under Neil, in terms of training and nutrition.

This has been beneficial two fold in terms of not only the progression of my own training and nutrition but that of my clients. Over the last 2.5 years I have trained a number of clients to success in the gym and on the competition stage of all ages, with many taking home placings or just reaching their personal fitness goals.

I’ve now taken a step back from competing myself to concentrate on my clients and helping them achieve their goals both in and out of the gym. I see my coaching/mentoring programs as a way to teach people how to:

1) Eat correctly,

2) Train efficiently

3) Maintain and enjoy a healthy lifestyle – finding the balance.

In my opinion that’s what it’s all about, balance!